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The most comprehensive database of creationist abstracts: popular and technical!

Use this for your personal research to grow and learn!


Providing you with educational resources and experiences to enhance the knowledge of the science of origins within the public and educational communities.

Educational Support and Research and Speaking Engagements, Workshops and Seminars are all services we provide through Creation Education Resources. We connect with the public and educational communities to help you gain the knowledge you need to teach successfully and biblically. 


Our primary speaker, Richard Overman, MS. MDiv., provides the materials from his personal presentations and articles he has written to assist in your research. CER is dedicated to helping you grow in your knowledge and understanding by providing what you need and coming along side you in your efforts.


Our research would surprise you with the number of scientists dedicated to researching and teaching Creation Science. The links we provide can help you grasp the ever growing amount of information available by connecting you with our partners in ministry, including four major Creation Organizations.


Our Primary objective is to increase knowledge of the science of origins through seminars, workshops, resources, etc. To achieve this goal, we will:

-Provide Educational Opportunities to:

  • The General Public

  • Churches

  • Educational Communities

  • And More - tell us what you need!

-Provide and develop resources for:

  • Teachers

  • Researchers

  • Students

  • The General Public

  • Whomever Requests Assistance!

-Provide Resource Booths for Events for:

  • Schools

  • Festivals

  • Expos

  • And Other Events

-And Utilize Available Mass Media Opportunities 

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