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Darwin and his EU Prodigy

Typically, when I hear the acronym EU, I think of the European Union. Of course, context will immediately disclose if that is the case. However, the point of this edition of the blog concerns two different words which begin with the letters "Eu". Both of these words owe their current popularity, and you could say their vast appeal to many, because of Charles Darwin.

The two words I'm referring to are Eugenics and Euthanasia.

Let's look at these two words and the incredibly destructive fruit that they have borne in our current and recent generations.

Eugenics- "Science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of hereditary qualities of a race or breed." (Webster's New Students Dictionary) Typically, as I read this definition, my own mind races back to the 3rd Reich! I see Hitler spewing out venom against the Jews and extolling the virtues of the Arian race. Hitler himself was devoted to Darwinian Evolution. He had become convinced that only the fit would survive, and more than that, that only the fit SHOULD survive. He had decided that 'the fit' were the Arians that he saw as the Germanic peoples in and around Germany. So, he began a 'breeding' program to breed only the best 'Arians', only the 'fittest', who would survive and thrive in the future 'Reich'. What many people don't know, is that eugenics was very much alive and indeed very popular in OUR, (meaning in the U.S.) universities in the 1920s. With the growth and acceptance of Darwinism in our universities, they had taken the next logical step to fully agree with the 'survival of the fittest'. In the 1920s we had even reached the point of having a Supreme Court decision which rested fully on the idea that we should help 'nature' along and help to create only offspring that are suitable for future survival. Yes, this was in the United States of America! However, perhaps a debt we owe to Adolf Hitler, with the extermination of millions of Jews, made the idea unpopular. This also highlights the closeness of these 2 words, and the foundation they both share. I have no doubt, that many in our universities, still believe passionately in this idea. However, they will remain silent, or at least not be too outspoken about this belief--at least for now. Eugenics disregards the sanctity of life and disregards that we are all one race--from Adam and Eve. As believers, we should reject its precepts soundly! The 2nd 'eu' prodigy of Darwin to discuss now is Euthanasia.

Euthanasia- It comes from the Greek language meaning 'easy death'. It means, "The act or practice of killing (as an incurable invalid)". Once again, we have the perfect example of Adolf Hitler! He was quick to exterminate the 'mentally ill', as well as the incurable with many illnesses. Of course, since he saw all but the Arians as being 'fit' to live, it was ok to exterminate 'Gypsies', Poles, Czechs, and especially Jews--among others. The two different words beginning with 'EU' are very closely linked. They also both owe much of their popularity, and soon coming expansion, to its connection with Evolution as proposed by Charles Darwin. It is true that euthanasia is already being practiced in the USA. However, it is very limited and also under only special conditions which are not necessarily common. For example, as long ago as 1998, a survey was taken of many oncologists about their position and involvement in both euthanasia and physician assisted suicide, (PAS). Of the roughly 204 Oncologists who responded to the survey, 56 responded that they had assisted with either Euthanasia, PAS, or both. Almost 24% regretted that involvement and nearly 40% feared prosecution. (August 12, 1998, Jama Network, The Practice of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide in the United States.) I bring up this example only to show that this is not a new development. Long past its hay day in the 1920's and 30's, it has had a recent resurgence in the 90's to our present day. There are stories coming out of countries such as Sweden and the Netherlands, that this is practiced much more, and that indeed, it is growing in popularity. There are many "right to death" organizations popping up in America, and it is usually presented with the idea of "dying with dignity". This again is clearly a philosophy that disregards the value of human life and the fact that ALL humans are made 'In God's Image'. I have little doubt, that if Jesus tarries from coming soon, this practice will raise its ugly head, and we will once again see the extermination of many, who others deem as not living a life 'worthy of continuing'. Perhaps overpopulation, or maybe even the simple idea of asking the question, 'Is keeping this person alive economically feasible'? All of the indicator arrows are pointing in that direction. Both of Darwin's 'EU' children will raise their ugly heads with growing intensity in the years ahead. If you think it could never happen, I'm certain that many in Germany would have said the same thing in the late 1920s and early 1930s. And so, all of this leads us to our closing thoughts.

Closing Thoughts

This is a chance to ask ourselves an important question. What of our prodigy? Perhaps, you are reading this and you say you have either one or more children. Yes, that is your prodigy. But, in the world of the spiritual, we all have 'prodigy' that perhaps we have not thought about for years. We all have 'reaped' the rewards or results of that which we have 'sown'. (Galatians 6:7) Hitler, like Stalin, Mao and others, bore 'children' which are still influencing many to this present day. Darwin too has greatly enhanced the two EU's mentioned above--his prodigy to be sure. God help us, as His people, to not fall for the "cunningly devised fables", principally Darwinian evolution, being erroneously presented as fact to our culture.

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