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ICC#4 - Origins 2023

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

The pre-conference, Origins 2023 was Saturday. This is sponsored by the Creation Biology Society (CBS). The CBS also includes the Creation Geology Society (CGS) and the Creation Theology Society (CTS). All three groups were represented.

The first paper was from Caleb LePore on "Phytosaur Fossils & the Quest to Understand the Pattern of Life." Caleb is working on biological similarities by comparing Phytosaur vertebrae structure with modern crocodilian structure. The common creationist interpretation of biological similarities is common design. Caleb's research questions whether that is enough or if structural and functional similarities need to be considered.

The CTS - Bill Barrick presented the CTS "A Call to Unity", which can be found at All were asked to review and sign it.

Dustin Burlet presented a paper, which is planned to be published in the upcoming Vol. 2 of the Journal of the Creation Geology Society, on the stars in Genesis 1:16. His thesis is that the stars are not just after thoughts but are co-rulers of the night with the moon.

Steven Boyd gave a perspective on interdisciplinary research where he discussed the benefits of multidisciplinary research and gave some examples. This was followed by a presentation by Kurt Wise entitled, "The Created Kind: Have we Got it Right?" He discussed various ways to interpret the phrase "Created Kind" and concluded that it is time to reexamine how the Bible defines the created kinds with the help of the theologians. More will be presented at next year's Origins conference.

For Geology, Steve Austin presented a paper on "Dead Sea Water Levels Signal Historic Climate Change Synchronizing Amazingly with Bible History." The paper is in pre-publication. It shows how higher Dead Sea levels correspond to warm & wet conditions while lower Dead Sea levels correspond to cool & dry conditions. Higher and lower levels were easily correlated to biblical times of plenty and famine respectively.

Overall, I found the presentations interesting. It will be interesting to see the theologians’ views on created kinds. They will have to reach a very high bar to change my mind that the created kinds are distinct. We must be very careful that we do not fall into the trap of reinterpreting scripture "to match science" and go the way of the day-agers and gap theorists of the 19th century. The Dead Sea data is impressive and provides a different and interesting perspective on biblical history.

Tomorrow the ICC starts. Check the blog each day.

If you want to help fund our travel expenses you can go to

God Bless,

Dr. Rich Overman

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