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ICC#6 - Day 2, Geologic Fun

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Today started the individual papers. I went to mostly geology papers. If you recall from the anticipation article, I was interested in an update on Dr. Clarey's research. That was the first paper and did not disappoint.

In his book, Carved in Stone, Dr. Clarey reported on the oil well data for 3 continents. He has now finished 5 continents (leaving Australia for last). His paper included 5 columns. There were no surprises in that the data from the other two continents were consistent with the previous 3 continents.

The picture below summarizes his conclusions on the stages of the flood. This is exciting research that will help in the argon dating research I have done.

The other paper I went to that was of particular interest was Dr. Snellings research on radio halos. Creationist research on radio halos started with Dr. Gentry in the 1970s or 1980s. Dr. Snelling investigated a hydrothermal fluid (hot water) transport model for formation of Polonium (Po) halos. The idea is that once the rock cools below 150 degrees Celsius, water flowing over and through the rock transports Po in the rock outside the Uranium molecule (see the picture below). The Po, which has very short half-lives, decays and leaves a halo.

Dr. Snelling concluded that:

  1. The existence of Po radiohaloes supports orders of magnitude accelerated decay during the flood.

  2. Showed multiple studies where he predicted the trend of radiohaloes, then collected the data and did the analysis, the results verified his predictions.

  3. Showed that radiohaloes may be predictive of ore deposits.

Finally, Drs. Thompson and Clarey provided a paper where they correlated fossils from the PaleoDB database to the megasequences. They concluded that the correlation was excellent. The picture below is an example. In this picture, the location of the fossils is at the top and the flood coverage of the continents during the megasequence is on the bottom.

It was a good day and we are looking forward to tomorrow.

If you would like to help with our travel expenses, you can donate at

God Bless,

Dr. Rich Overman

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