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ICC#2 - Anticipation

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

The International Conference on Creationism is only a few days away. There are two areas that I am looking forward to learning more about. Both come from the Institute for Creation Research.

The first is new and updated information on the Genesis flood megasequences. Dr. Tim Clarey published "Carved in Stone" in 2020 where he presented an evaluation of oil well data. In this watershed book, he introduced, at least to me, the concept of dividing the flood events into geologic megasequences and relating those megasequences to the stages of the flood described in the Bible (e.g. the first 40 days, first 150 days). What I liked about this is that it moves the Creation community away from the "geologic column" to a biblically-based geologic structure. In his 2020 book, Dr. Clarey only covered part of the earth. His paper on Monday will expand upon that work. The picture below is from page 181 of Dr. Clarey's book. It shows the difference in interpretations of the same Grand Canyon formation between a biblical view and an old earth view.

The second has to do with "random mutations". Dr. Gulizzua had a great article that illustrated how there is no such thing as a random mutation in March/April 2023 Acts and Facts ( I am looking forward to his paper with Tom Hennigan, Matthew Ingle, and Grace Lansdell on Wednesday morning.

I will likely write blogs on these after I learn more. Look for them.

If you want to help support our travel costs, you can go to:

God Bless,

Dr. Rich Overman

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