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ICC#3 - Travel and Rest Days

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

After being dropped off at the airport by our friends, John and Linda Kingsley, we had an uneventful trip to Dayton. The most exciting part of the day was visiting Young's Jersey Dairy (see picture below). If you are ever in the Dayton/Springfield area, this is a must see family-friendly place. It was a fun time of ice cream, miniature golf, and time together.

Because of flight issues we had to fly in a day early, so, we had a day to relax and reconnoiter. We ended up at Clifton Gorge which was said to have been carved out during the ice age where we hiked about 2 miles of trails. The pictures below show the green and purple trails we hiked. We saw several geological formations and Ginger and I enjoyed the scenery as well. We are standing on a bridge with the South Miami River behind us. As with Young's Jersey Dairy, this is a beautiful, must see, place.

The next blog will be on the Origins 2023 conference.

If you want to help support our travel costs, you can go to:

God Bless,

Dr. Rich Overman

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